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ERISA Benefits Consulting, Inc. (EBC) provides expert consulting services in matters relating to Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) design, administration, compliance, or litigation.

The firm works with plaintiff and defense attorneys in ERISA disputes. Click on the links to read more about our work in regard to ERISA fiduciary liability, ERISA group health plans, and employee benefit plans.

Employee Benefit Consultant

Mark Johnson, Ph.D., J.D. founded ERISA Benefits Consulting after successfully serving as Managing Director of Benefits Compliance & Pensions and chief ERISA compliance officer for American Airlines, a unionized Fortune 500 company.

Dr. Johnson is a court-approved ERISA expert witness in the areas of the pensions, benefits, health plans, 401(k) plans, retiree medical, fiduciary liability, and labor relations.

His work as an expert or fact witness includes these type of cases involving 401(k) fiduciary liability, cash balance conversions, employee stock ownership plans (ESOP), long term disability benefits, and third party administrator disputes.

Dr. Johnson works with ERISA attorneys in pension and benefits litigation, including class actions, in the types of cases identified below.

Fiduciary Liability Matters. Business officers, directors and executives of ERISA plan sponsors are exposed to costly litigation when they do not fully understand the serious fiduciary obligations imposed by ERISA. Read more...

Retiree Medical Benefits. When plan sponsors choose to reduce or eliminate retiree medical benefits as a means of controlling pension and benefit costs, litigation frequently ensues. Read more...

ERISA Third Party Administrators. Disputes can develop between a third party administrator (TPA) and the plan sponsor in matters involving fees, performance standards or fiduciary liability. Read more...

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You can reach Dr. Johnson via email or by phone at 817-909-0778. He is available to confidentially discuss a benefits matter.


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